To repair stressed and bowing walls, Helitech utilizes the Chance Helical Anchor System. Engineered for proven dependability and long-term stability, you will have peace of mind knowing your foundation walls are supported.

Helical screw anchors have been used by Chance for decades, providing predictable holding strength in all soil types.

The Chance Helical Anchor System features exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs, and sizes that make other foundation methods a thing of the past. The proven reliability and engineered predictability of the system’s performance is positive, economical, hassle-free, and unmatched.


The Helical Wall Anchor System

  1. Lead Helix
  2. Extension(s)
  3. Anchor Termination
  4. Wall plate (or C-Channel for blocked foundations)


Steps taken to protect your investment

  1. The foundation is prepared for anchor installation by drilling 3” diameter holes at each anchor location on the inside.
  2. After the Helical anchor is screwed into the active soil, it is then extended through the drilled hole.
  3. From the inside, a wall plate (or a steel 6” C-Channel for blocked foundations) is attached to the anchor and secured tight.
  4. The foundation wall (in most cases) is returned to its original position.

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