Atlas Resistance Piers

Helitech also utilizes the Altas Resistance Piering System to prevent foundation issues from becoming worse, and provide renewed stability for decades to come.

Our Atlas Resistance Piers are installed quickly within limited access areas and with minimal disturbance to your landscaping. Atlas Resistance Piers are a true end-bearing solution, which means it can support your home, even if the soil beneath is unfavorable.

Atlas Resistance Piers, sometimes referred to as Pipe or Push Piers, are driven until the starter section reaches bedrock or a suitable load bearing soil layer.


Resistance Piers vs. Screw Piles

There is no true place to draw the line when using Helical/Screw or Resistance Piers because there are many factors to consider. For instance, in some areas bedrock is further below the surface than others. In those cases, Helical Piers would be the best and most cost effective solution. In other areas, bedrock is closer to the surface and easier to reach. In these instances, Resistance Piers would be recommended.

The only way to know which foundation repair application is the solution for your home would be to call an expert.





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