Concrete Leveling

Over time, concrete settles and creates a dangerous trip hazard for you and your family. Replacing it can be an expensive headache. Helitech has established a method to raise sinking concrete at a third the cost of replacement. Instead of breaking up, removing, and repouring the entire concrete slab, we use a hydraulic pressure system to insert a grout combination below the surface. The grout injection, consisting of Portland cement, aggregate, and water, fills the voided areas allowing us to raise and level your sunken concrete.

Raise settled concrete

Mudjacking is a cost effective solution for leveling your cement driveway, concrete sidewalk, porch, patio, basement floor, or swimming pool apron. Industrial applications include: concrete streets, factory floors, and bridge approaches.

Cost Effective Solution

Utilizing Helitech’s Concrete Leveling method, it could save you up to 75% compared to concrete replacement. This environmentally friendly solution uses recycled materials and won’t deteriorate or wash away.

Concrete Leveling Pricing

Helitech offers free estimates on your concrete repairs. Find out more about our pricing and available finance options for concrete leveling.