Sump pumps, pits, and back-ups

Once the Hydraway® System drains water from your basement or crawlspace, the water needs somewhere to go. Once installed, the Hydraway® is connected to a sump pit that is situated within the soil. Inside the sump pit contains your sump pump that pushes the water up and out of your basement through the discharge hose.

In some cases, a battery back-up system is necessary to ensure peace-of-mind in the event of a power outage or primary sump pump failure. The backup battery case and charger are positioned on the basement floor next to the backup pump. In the event of high water in the sump pit, the water level float sensor will engage the system and sound an alarm to alert the homeowner the system is operating. The water is pumped out of the pit through an additional discharge hose.



Waterproofing Pricing

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