Settling Foundation and Concrete Voids on Patio Fixed with Helical Piers + Mudjacking in Arnold, MO

Location: Arnold, Missouri, USA

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Concrete Leveling in Arnold, MO

This customer had a poured concrete covered patio that wrapped around the entire house. At each beam post location, the customer had poured concrete piers at the time of original construction in Arnold, MO.

Settling Concrete and Concrete Voids Found

The issue occurred when the customer had to dig up a water line and disturbed the dirt, which allowed the concrete piers, to settle in 3 locations.

Along with the concrete piers, the client was noticing some other voids throughout the concrete patio.

Installation of Helical Piers with Mudjacking Services

To remedy the problem, Helitech installed 3 A.B. Chance helical piers under the 3 concrete piers that were failing. To allow the best chance to lift the structure and to fill any other voids, Helitech completed a mud jacking process that allowed the crew to evenly lift the slab to help prevent additional cracking. The mud jacking process was completed throughout the rest of the concrete patio.
5 star(s)

Jim L.

Kirkwood, MO

“Your craftsman, Justin Roberts, appeared on time this morning and repaired our foundation crack. He was neat and clean with his work and explained in detail the process and stages of the work—both before and after the job. It was also necessary for him to clear some framing off the wall on the top side in order to get to the entirety of the interior crack. So that was extra work, which he executed without complaint or extra charges. Justin also recommended additional preventative work around our foundation and the front landscape to better evacuate water during heavy rainfall.

I am hopeful the work will resolve our foundation leak situation and will observe the crack over the next 90 days before restoring the interior drywall. Regardless, I wanted you to know that Justin represented your company in a professional manner, communicated thoroughly to set expectations about the work process and advised me about how to treat the affected area going forward. I felt like he did a nice job in all respects.

I will be in touch with Helitech about additional work in the area of my front lawn to help prevent water pressure on my foundation. Thanks.

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