FAQ: Why is there water in my crawl space?

Why is there water in my crawl space?

From Jim in Danville, IL

Water in the crawl space is most likely coming from underneath, where the soil has too much hydrostatic water pressure in it and it’s pushing up underneath and allowing that water to stand in there. Those are things that can cause foundation issues and many many many other issues. Really, you want to take a look at that, and let’s make sure that the grading outside is good, the gutters are taken care of, and if the problem is persisting, then we need to look at – most likely – an interior drainage system to solve that problem.

Foundation water issues in the crawl space can affect the integrity of your home. Water is the primary source of most issues and can cause high humidity within the space. Mold, wood rot, mildew, and insects thrive in this type of environment.

If any of these issues are visible, don’t hesitate to get a free professional evaluation today.