Gutter Downspout Extensions

A 2,000 square foot roof will put out nearly 1,250 gallons of water for every inch of rain.
Are your gutters and downspouts clear? Even if they are, you more than likely also need to properly direct rainwater away from your foundation.

Gutters and downspouts move the rainwater away from the house. However, most downspouts stop within a foot of the foundation and cause problems for homeowners. These problems can be avoided with a few easy, inexpensive repairs.

Gutter downspouts are the main cause of water and foundation issues in homes. When gutters drain directly against the home’s foundation or negative grade brings the water back towards the house, the rain might be washing away the soil and eventually cause a leak or crack in your foundation.

Some homeowners use gutter splash pans or downspout extensions to move the water away, but these aren’t permanent solutions and don’t necessarily look great either. They can also get moved or loosened very easily and allow the water to drain back towards your home.

Helitech can solve these issues and direct water away from your home’s foundation by burying your downspouts several feet away from your house. It is a very quick and a noninvasive process that can be completed in a day, or even a few hours depending on the size of the job.

Downspouts can be installed 2 different ways – hand trenching or using a small walk-behind trenching machine. Let’s show you both ways …

First, all public utilities are marked prior to Helitech’s arrival. Homeowners should also have marked all private lines, such as sprinkler, pet fence, water, etc. The drain lines will be laid out to verify locations and exit points. The trench is either dug by hand using a tile spade to remove the sod and excavate the trench, or a walk-behind trencher is used to cut through the soil and create a smooth, even trench or installation.

Once the trench has been excavated, the crew will install the downspout lines by attaching each section of pipe and properly securing them to make sure all water flows out to the exit point. All pipes are verified for flow to the exit point.

Depending on the grade of your yard, Helitech will install a yard grate at the end of the downspout line to allow the water to flow freely or a pop up for water to be pushed out of if your yard is flat. Both of these are easy for homeowners to mow over or around and virtually maintenance-free.

All soil is backfilled into the trench and any excess is removed from the job site. If sod was removed, it is replaced. Seed and straw are placed over the excavated trench. All items are cleaned up and you are left with peace of mind when it rains.

Let Helitech Heal your Home’s gutters and direct it away from your foundation.