Hydratext Flood Alert System

Hydratext Flood Alert System – Peace of mind when you’re away from home during a storm

Have you ever been out of the house during a storm and worried your sump pump hasn’t been activated, power failure, or even that it’s running but not keeping up with the incoming water?

If so, Helitech has the solution for you. We offer a state-of-the-art sump pump alarm that will send out text messages to your cell phone to alert you of potential issues.

Sump Pump Text Alert System

  • Receive text messages if high water is detected, lower batteries, or power goes out
  • Program up to 3 mobile phone numbers to receive text alerts
  • Any phone that can send and receive a text message works with Advanced Text Notification
  • Receive an updated text message if normal water level is detected
  • Text “Status” to the unit and it responds with a text update of the current settings
  • Works with any sump pump or pit
  • Runs on A/C power with a (4) AAA battery back-up (batteries not included)
  • M2M texting technology is reliable and there is no need for a land line or WIFI connection
  • One-time, up front $29.95 yearly fee (per unit) through Verizon

Helitech is the only waterproofing contractor in the Missouri, Illinois, Quad Cities, Western Kentucky, and Evansville area that offers a text alert sump pump system that works solely on text messaging capabilities. Other systems on the market often require the use of Internet or a home network to operate on. These are also very complex to set up and will not operate during a power outage. The Hydratext can work on a 1/4 bar of a cell (phone calls require about 2 bars) signal and because of the battery backup pack, will operate in event of a power failure.

Sump Pump Text Conditions

  • Water is detected by lower float
  • Water is detected by upper float
  • Water is no longer detected by lower float
  • Water is no longer detected by upper float
  • Electrical power was lost
  • Electrical power has returned
  • The backup batteries are low and should be replaced soon
  • The backup batteries are critically low and replaced immediately



  • Unit Activation
  • Blue Angel Pumps Customer Service: 888-636-662

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5 star(s)

Joe M.

Godfrey, IL

When I first found out I had a water problem in my basement, I was worried, to say the least. 100-year-old home with a leaky basement, not an easy fix. I called several different waterproofing companies. Helitech responded the fastest and when it was all said and done they gave me the most peace of mind and they made me feel secure that my old house would be fixed properly and permanently. Thanks, Helitech and to my salesmen Jon Courtney. Great job and service.

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