Business Background

Helitech, a division of SLAB Masters Inc., has provided a strategic mix of economic, geotechnical, and structural solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients since 1987. Helitech is veteran owned with steady and constant ownership over the years. Helitech prides itself on being a privately owned, small business with a focus on family and tradition.

Our employees are an integral part of who Helitech is as a business. Virtually all of those who have helped to build and grow the company throughout the years are still here today. This relationship embodies the staying power of Helitech for years to come.

All construction personnel have been trained and certified by AB Chance, with continual education and training on a monthly basis. Helitech maintains safety and affirmative action programs, all of which comply with current OSHA, federal, and state guidelines.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with state of the art products and services at competitive pricing. Every day we strive to uphold a high level of integrity while meeting project requirements and exceeding customer expectations.

Leaders in Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

Helitech has and remains to be an industry leader in foundation repair and waterproofing solutions to residential homeowners for almost 30 years. While we have expanded into 5 states, we are still a family owned business that takes pride in providing long term, quality solutions to every homeowner.

Being a specialty contractor, Helitech is the industry leader in foundation repair and waterproofing solutions because that is all we do. Our expertise has been tried over the years, and while we have improved the tools we utilize to create a more efficient, seamless process for the homeowner, we still use the same patented technology that we started with in 1987.

For most, a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Your home is a source of pride and accomplishment. We understand your investment and want to make sure you understand the repair process. Our estimators will walk you through the each procedure and stay with you throughout the entire project.

For more information on Helitech, please watch the below Company Overview video or download our Company Brochure.

Healing Homes

Over the years, time will affect the structural integrity of a house. Whether time is causing cracks to form, water leaking into the basement, or shifts in your foundation, we know that you want the job done right the first time. By choosing Helitech, we will ensure this is the only time you will have to fix the problem. We truly heal your home. This is why Helitech provides a warranty on most products throughout the life of a structure, a warranty that is even transferable to the new owner.

Helitech is the largest piering and foundation repair company in the Midwest and installs more linear feet of waterproofing than anyone in the region. With a combined industry experience of over 100 years, you can rest assured that we will find the most effective solution.

Learn more about how Helitech can heal your home by downloading our brochure.

What customers have to say

Thanks for the Hydraway System and sump installation a few weeks ago! We just got a torrential rain that would have typically flooded our basement. I just checked and the system is working perfectly and our basement is bone dry. I can once again enjoy rain/thunderstorms! Kudos to a job well done!
From Annette in Illinois


The 2 technicians who completed the service were very professional, courteous, and answered all the questions I asked. Being a retired engineer, I was happy that they let me watch and ask questions!
From Thomas in Missouri


My wife and I are very pleased with the results as our home has been “healed”. All of the doors now work freely, the Hydraway System is in place, and the Helical Piers and Wall Anchors are doing their job. The job site was cleaned very well, inside and out. I really appreciate the level of professionalism displayed by the crew and project specialist throughout the whole project.
From Charles in Kentucky


Each crew member knew what was expected of him and a lot of work was completed in a short time. You definitely sent the “A-team” to complete this job. The crew was courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, and worked well as a team to complete the job in a timely fashion.
From Evelyn in Missouri

Foundation Experts

Helitech’s commitment to excellence has generated both local and national recognition as an expert in Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. In years of drought, homes can be left damaged by shrinking soils and shifting foundations. Not only does drought become a troublesome issue because of the effects on farmers, fishermen, barges and river ways, but drought also causes stress to unexpectant homeowners.

The opposite effect happens with heavy amounts of rain fall. The soils become saturated with water, expand, and exert pressure against foundations, and cause basements and foundations to crack and leak. We have seen the effects of both cases within our region and several news outlets have reached out to Helitech as the featured expert. Among those include: USA Today, The Associated Press, CBS Evening News, and MSNBC.

Helitech has won several national and local awards, including the National Home Builder’s Association Remodeler of the Month, Remodeler of Distinction Award for both Structural and Waterproofing Renovation, and the Better Business Bureau Torch Award.