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Sinking Foundations

Underpinning, Piers, & Piles

The most effective way to help reverse the signs of a sinking foundation is to utilize a process called “underpinning”, “piering”, or even “piling”.

There are many piering methods available by foundation contractors, but the only true and effective solutions are those that transfer the weight of your home to more stable soil than the soil it is currently resting on.

Helitech Piering Solutions

Chance Helical Piers

Helical Piers contain Helices, or helical flights, that serve as end bearing plates for the weight of the home. These flights are welded to a central steel shaft. The helical shaft essentially acts as a screw that is rotated into the soil.
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When using Helical Piers, the helices provide a large amount of surface area to resist or bear the weight of your home. Helical Piles are very effective in deeper soils where reaching bedrock is not possible. The helical flights will produce a force that translates into how much weight the entire Pile or Pier can carry.

Atlas Resistance Piers

Resistance Piers utilize the weight of the structure as its reaction system to drive or push the pipe pier sections into the soil. Properly installed, Atlas Resistance Piers can prevent settlement, stabilize foundations and nearly restore settled structures to their original positions, often closing structural defects such as cracks and deformities caused by the settlement. Selected by load requirements and soil and structural conditions, Atlas Resistance Piers offers a wide range of capacities that are engineered to best fit the requirements of a project cost effectively.
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Slab Piers

Sometimes the problem is not the foundation structure, but it’s the concrete floor itself is settling down.

Helitech uses the same Helical technology for concrete slab piers that are used to stabilize and lift a foundation back into place.
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Concrete Underpinning

Concrete Underpinning is quickly becoming a method of the past as the concrete piers do not pass through the active soil. Active soil is the soil directly beneath your foundation that constantly shrinks in periods of drought, and expands when it rains. If the weight of your home is still situated on unstable, active soil, the problem still exists.

Steel Underpinning

Steel Piers have been proven to be the most effective and proven foundation solution. However, the question remains: Helical Piers or Resistance Piers? Both can be installed on the inside and/or outside of your home. Both are superior solutions for foundation problems, but for different reasons. Use the links above, or click here to find out more about Helitech’s superior piering methods: Chance Helical Piers and Atlas Resistance Piers.

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