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How to keep water out of your home’s crawl space

Crawl spaces, an alternative to slab and cement foundations, sit underneath your home and provide a small space between the soil and the first floor of your home.

They also give easy access to your pipes, electrical wires and floor joists for repairs.

But, since the floor is made of soil, preventing water in crawl spaces can be complicated. Crawl space waterproofing costs depend on the type of your crawl space, as well as the necessary adjustments establish moisture-free, mold-free conditions in your crawl space. And, failure to properly control moisture can have devastating consequences for your home and family. Damp crawl spaces become a breeding ground for mold, pests and wood rot.

The implications of wood rot are obvious—sagging floors or complete failure. Mold also eats away at the structural integrity of your home and can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma in your children.

And, because air typically travels upward to your living area from the crawl space—referred to as the ”stack effect”—problems with your crawl space’s air quality quickly escalate into problems with the air in your entire home.

Crawl space waterproofing companies, such as Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, can help. Our team is full of experts who know how to keep water out of crawl spaces using several techniques: thermal barriers, crawl space vents, and dehumidifiers.

Preventing water in your home’s crawl space promotes the structural integrity of your home.

Helitech can help.

Another method for preventing water in crawl spaces: Ventilation systems

There are two main ways to configure crawl spaces to prevent moisture buildup: open crawl spaces and encapsulated ones. Open crawl spaces have vents that open to the outdoors, allowing for natural air circulation. Encapsulated crawl spaces often make use of your HVAC system to mechanically ventilate your system.

Regardless of the type of your crawl space, air circulation is essential to preventing excess moisture from the air condensing on your floor joists and concrete walls and developing into mold.

Crawl space dehumidifier

When paired with an appropriate crawl space ventilation system, a dehumidifier can promote the circulation of low-humidity air throughout your crawl space. There are several things you need to look for as researching dehumidifiers, such as air flow and gallons removed per day. For convenience, you should select one with a pump, which will empty the dehumidifier reservoir outside away from your home.

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