Hydraliner Crawl Space Encapsulation for Wet Crawlspaces

Moisture Crawl Space Damage

Excessive water can cause significant damage to crawlspaces if not properly addressed. What you need: Hydraliner Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

Heavy rains, lack of ventilation, and inefficient drainage are primary causes of potentially damaging moisture in crawlspaces. Expensive and dangerous damage can be done if left alone overtime. These issues include:

  • Rodents, termites, and other critters
  • Rotting wood and structural issues
  • Odors
  • Mold that is severely dangerous to your health
  • Standing water
  • Reduced home value

Hydraliner Crawlspace Encapsulation System is designed to separate your home from the earth below entirely. Often times, crawlspace and basements will retain water or moisture, which can create potential rot. Hydraliner will provide complete protection for your home and family’s health.

In a crawlspace, humidity levels can range from 50%-90%. These are the perfect conditions for mold to grow which can generate toxins harmful to you and your family. Hydraliner will help prevent mold in and around your home, leaving fewer allergens in the air.

Hydraliner encapsulation serves as a blockade to invasive animals such as termites, beetles, rodents, or snakes. These invasive animals can cause damage to exposed wood, thus putting your home at greater risk.


What is the Hydraliner Crawl Space Encapsulation System?

Hydraliner is a complete water protection system that can be installed in your crawl space. These areas of your home often retain moisture, bringing humidity levels to well over 50%, and combined with low lighting, they are ideal places for mold and other bacteria to thrive. Hydraliner Crawlspace Encapsulation System prevents the possibility of these growths.

Hydraliner is a thick material, similar to what is used to line swimming pools. It actually consists of several layers of high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and two layers of polyester cord.

Hydraliner is tough and puncture resistant. You can crawl on it, service technicians can crawl on it, and you can store any item on it. Hydraliner will transform your former unusable crawlspace into a clean, dry, and ample storage space for your home.

Hydraliner completely resists moisture penetration and stops unwanted insects and rodents. The Hydraliner’s white finish will actually brighten your crawlspace with limited light, creating a friendlier storage environment.

Benefits of Hydraliner Crawlspace Encapsulation System

  • White color brightens your home’s crawl space
  • Its flexibility allows for installation in almost any space and on any surface
  • Hydraliner is not easily damaged or torn
  • Very easy to clean, requiring only simple washing off of dirt

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