Bowing Wall Repair

Leaning, bowing, & cracked walls

Concrete basement or crawlspace walls become stressed when there is an inconsistent amount of pressure against them. The structural integrity of your foundation wall is at risk during times of both extreme drought and heavy rainfall.

When extreme drought occurs, the soil surrounding and supporting your foundation dries and shrinks up, leaving large gaps between the soil and your foundation. In times of heavy rainfall, the surrounding soil swells and exerts a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure (soil expansion) against the walls.

The pressure (or lack of support) often becomes too much for the walls and causes them to bow or lean. Efforts to stabilize or reposition bowing walls should be taken as soon as possible. When cracks appear in these walls, the structural integrity is compromised.

Bowing wall solutions

Helitech offers a variety of solutions to address these issues in order to avoid the expense of wall replacement or the possibility of structural failure. The most effective and superior solution is the Chance Helical Wall Anchor System. Helitech also offers a cost-effective tie-back system, the Dura-Grip Wall System. And finally, Helical can install the Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement System to restore structural strength to your basement and foundation walls.

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5 star(s)

Jeff M.

St. Peters, MO

I really liked the professionalism of Randy & Kevin and their knowledge. Kevin did an excellent job repairing the wall crack. He was fast, clean & provided several recommendations for maintaining my house. I would highly recommend him to other clients.

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