Bowing Wall Repair

Bowing Basement Wall Repair

When you first notice leaning, bowing, or cracked concrete walls in your basement or crawlspace, it can be a frightening experience. This is especially true if you are a new homeowner or don’t know much about foundation waterproofing.
Don’t fret, though. While bowing walls and wall cracks are alarming, they are also a solvable issue. What’s most important is that you act fast by getting in touch with a foundation repair company like Helitech. Our professionals can assess the damage and give you a free quote based on your unique situation.

What Are Bowing Walls?

As the name suggests, bowing walls are when your walls bow inward in your basement or crawlspace because of hydrostatic pressure building up on the outside.
If you’re a responsible homeowner, you probably know that a collapse isn’t great for the long-term health of your house. Bowing walls are a sign that your foundation’s health is facing severe pressure and could get worse over time.
Okay, a full-blown collapse is an extreme example, but it isn’t far off. When your basement has bowing walls, you are likely to experience several lesser side-effects first.
At the root, the hydrostatic pressure (or lack of support) often becomes too much for the walls and causes them to bow or lean. Efforts to stabilize or reposition bowing walls should be taken at the first signs of inward movement. When horizontal cracks appear in these walls, the structural integrity is compromised.


Are Bowing Walls Bad?

Of all the wall problems you might experience in your home, bowing foundation walls can be some of the most jarring. That’s because if your wall is bowing inward, your home’s foundation is at risk of collapsing if left ignored.
Bowing basement walls are, at their root, caused by expansive soils or expansive clay on the outside of your home. As inconsistent and spotty pressure builds up on your crawlspace or basement walls, they start to bow inward. This causes cracks to form in your concrete.
Left unchecked, these cracks can break open, causing horizontal wall cracks that can let water into your basement. Since bowing walls are so closely related to water coming into your basement, treating them is generally lumped in with waterproofing basement systems.

How To Fix Bowing Walls

Professionals can help you design and execute a foundation wall repair system that fixes damaged walls and provides a permanent solution. However, the exact tactics used to restore your foundation back to good health will vary depending on your unique circumstance.
If you are concerned about bowing walls in your concrete foundation, contact Helitech today for a free quote.

Install a Helical Wall Anchor System

For this particular solution, Helitech installs wall anchors, straightening a bowed wall that is being pushed inward due to expansive soil. A wall anchor (or earth anchor) consists of large steel screws, otherwise referred to as helicals connected to an i-beam. The wall anchor is horizontally drilled into the soil surrounding your affected wall property.
The screws or large helicals connected to the i-beam are drilled to a depth deep enough to reach soil that does not expand due to weather seasonality. When the beam is attached to your inward pushed wall, the wall anchor draws the wall back to its original position while preventing future wall deterioration. The customary system that our professional wall repair contractors prefer is the Chance helical wall anchor system.

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Choose the Dura-Grip Wall System

In addition to the Chance Helical Wall Anchoring system, Helitech offers a similar wall repair solution. The Dura-Grip Wall Repair System includes wall plate and steel rod technology that attaches to the inside of your foundation walls. The main difference with the Dura-Grip system is that it is adjustable and must be maintained.
The Dura-Grip System can often be installed same-day to straighten or stop failing walls. The system can be installed in basement foundation walls, as well as retaining and wing walls.

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Try a Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement System

Helitech’s Carbonbond Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System is a patented technology that integrates the advancements made in aerospace to produce solutions for your home. In particular, structural reinforcement of concrete and block basement walls.
A certified technician should determine whether this is truly the best option for leaning walls. You can choose to waterproof the interior of the cracks before the reinforcers are installed.
The installation itself is exceedingly simple. The cracked surface is prepared; adhesive is added, and the carbon fiber is firmly pressed against the wall. Either woven or laminate carbon fiber can be used, and the walls can be cleaned and painted following installation. If done correctly, there will be no visible changes to your home apart from the cessation of the wall bowing.

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Hire Foundation Wall Repair Experts

No matter the solution needed for your specific circumstance, a foundation wall repair professional should be able to look closely at your property and determine a customized, effective solution.
Helitech differentiates itself from competitors by walking through precisely what your foundation problems are, the most effective options for solving them, and the long-term implications of each project. We offer all this and more before you pay a cent, providing a free quote for your foundation repair needs.

Helitech offers free estimates on your basement wall repair.

Talk to our basement wall repair experts now and we will find the right fix for your basement walls.

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