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Hydrabreeze Basement Dehumidifier

Prevent Mold and Musty Odors with a Hydrabreeze Basement Dehumidifier

Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes up from your basement or crawlspace. That air is usually higher in moisture and carries with it a variety of allergens and musty odors. If the conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for an extended period, it stimulates mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

The American Lung Association and the EPA recommend maintaining relative humidity levels in the 30%-50% range. A high capacity dehumidifier like the Hydrabreeze system is one of the best dehumidifiers for basements because it offers more protection than typical air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Why You Need a Dehumidifier for Your Basement

You might not think about it very often, especially if you only go into your basement occasionally to do the laundry or if the tornado siren goes off. It’s just the basement. It couldn’t possibly affect the rest of the house.

Except, it can and does.

The cool surface temperatures of the ground under your basement can create a micro-environment where the relative humidity of the air reaches its saturation point and condensation can occur. As a result, there is excess moisture which can support mold and microbial growth, causing the musty odor most people associate with a basement.

Your basement is a significant source of air infiltration that permeates into the rest of your living area. It transmits odors, carries moisture, and creates an environment for mold growth and pest and dust mite infestation.

A wet basement contributes to other issues in the home like the cupping of wood floors and the deterioration of floor joists, beams, sub-flooring, insulation, and electrical-mechanical systems.

Installing a dehumidifier for your basement that can handle a large amount of excess moisture is your best bet for ensuring your home is safely dry.

How the Hydrabreeze System Works

Hydrabreeze makes your home comfortably dry and healthy through its unique, patented moisture control system. Unlike a typical dehumidifier, the Hydrabreeze technology is designed to expel excess moist air from the least ventilated areas of your home like the basement or crawl space.

  • Expel

The Hydrabreeze system draws in contaminated indoor pollutants and moist air and then expels them safely from the home.

  • Replenish

Then, it draws dry, fresh air downward from the upper levels of the home and replaces the moist, polluted air it just expelled. The replenishment air comes from the outdoors by entering the home naturally through windows, doors, and other openings.

  • Ventilate

The replenishment cycle provides your home with healthy air while creating crucial ventilation that will inhibit the growth of moisture, mold, and pollutants, reducing any future moisture related problems.

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