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Structural Crack Repair

Structural Crack Repair

Foundation Repair isn’t always immediate because rarely do we have a house in danger of completely caving in or collapsing (although it has happened before – especially if the problem isn’t addressed as needed).

Foundation Repair also shouldn’t be looked upon as a “handy-man-quick-fix” either.

Sometimes, a simple epoxy injection is the ultimate solution. In other cases, the crack is filled, carbon fiber material is installed to help protect the foundation’s structural integrity, and benchmarks are installed to monitor further movement or settlement.

In all cases however, the only way to truly know what the problem and best solution are, is to have a foundation expert evaluate the situation.

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Maintenance Guides

Our Homeowner Maintenance Checklist will serve as your plan for regular maintenance – particularly as it relates to foundation issues, concrete settlement, and structural repair. It is intended to be used all-year round and will help you ensure your home is healthy and protected through every month and season.

Video Library

With our installation and product videos, you will be able to better understand our processes and visualize the installation so you can have a higher level of comfort in trust with us to heal your home.

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