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Helitech has a full staff of Customer Service Representatives in order to better serve you and your needs. Quality customer service and getting the job done right the first time has always been our top priorities. Our Customer Service Department works to ensure every customer receives the utmost quality service possible and is left 100% satisfied after their job is complete.

We are here to heal your home, one of the largest investments on your quality of life. We are the industry experts and have seen a variety of home repair issues. We have solved issues in thousands of homes and have helped families stay safe – permanently. We are a family owned business and believe in our products.

Choosing to invest in your home’s foundation or to permanently waterproof your home might seem like a complicated process. But all it takes is one call to Helitech and we will do all the work. You can count on us to give you answers to questions concerning costs, schedules, and clean-up. With over 30 years of experience, we have many stories from homeowners – just like you – who feel the need for more clarity on certain issues.

Common Customer Service Questions

  • I need to have my home waterproofed. What potential clean-up issues have other customers ran into?
  • Will my belongings in my house be kept nice during any part of construction? How will Helitech ensure this?
  • Will the newly poured concrete match my existing basement concrete coloring?
  • I don’t think I can afford this right now. Do I have options?
  • I can’t take off many days from work. How long is this going to take?

In order to lessen confusion online, our best answer to the above questions are it varies. Your main point of reference during the entire project will be your estimator. He will be able to answer all of these questions, and more, upon the initial evaluation and even after the job has been completed.

Who are the Helitech sales estimators?

Well, after your initial phone call to our office, we will send you a bio of the person who will visit your home and handle all of your solutions. For example, if you live in the metro-east area, Jon Meyer, is the estimator for that territory. If at any point you need to speak to our customer service team, we have a full Customer Service team readily available to take your call and questions.

5 star(s)

Kathy B.

St. Peters, MO, USA

I forgot to mention what a great job Brad and his crew did! Before they started any work, Brad went over everything that they were going to do and how they were going to do it which I really appreciated because then I knew we were all on the same page. They put up plastic during the jackhammering and suggested I turn off the A/C (I did have all the registers closed) so there was minimum dust that got up to the main level. They completed all the jackhammering by the afternoon of the first day, Tuesday. Throughout all three days (I couldn’t believe they completed the job in 3 days!) they were very professional and I sensed they took pride in what they were doing. I was so pleased, too, that they seeded and laid straw down where they dug and placed the drainage line from the sump pump. If every crew is like Brad and his workers, Helitech should be very proud of their employees. I would highly recommend Helitech to any of my family and friends.

And thank YOU, John, for your first assessment of my situation back in May and for keeping in touch especially the week prior to the scheduled work and immediately following the completed job. Helitech gets an A+ in my book because of its knowledgeable and caring employees.

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Maintenance Guides

Our Homeowner Maintenance Checklist will serve as your plan for regular maintenance – particularly as it relates to foundation issues, concrete settlement, and structural repair. It is intended to be used all-year round and will help you ensure your home is healthy and protected through every month and season.

Video Library

With our installation and product videos, you will be able to better understand our processes and visualize the installation so you can have a higher level of comfort in trust with us to heal your home.