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When you partner with Helitech to heal your home, you are trusting us to secure one of your most valuable assets and have given faith in our expertise. Here, we would like to go over a few items to consider with not only our project and also with any construction project done to your property.

The following section will highlight specific areas to ensure you understand before construction begins. Below will cover terms, what a lien waiver is, and finally why so many customers choose us because of our warranty. While each set of terms and warranty may differ with the type of work performed (waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling, and general construction), below are general items to keep in mind.


Personal Property We are respectful and clean. However, Helitech is not responsible for items that must be removed prior to when we start working on your home. This includes tile, carpet, appliances, or anything specifically stated in the contract. All personal property must be covered before Helitech begins. It is a good idea to take pictures of the surrounding work area before any company begins work on your home.

Concrete pour Installation of the Hydraway 2000 system sometimes requires the removal of small portions of concrete flooring, which we then pour back upon completion. We try to match the color of the concrete as much as possible, but an exact match in color may not be possible due to age and type of original concrete.

Bid practice Helitech will provide a written estimate or bid, based on the customer’s wants and needs. This excludes areas that the homeowner does not inform Helitech of during inspection; when in doubt, just ask us! Please keep in mind that instructions on a bid will be in writing as to not confuse or include other areas into the scope of the bid that was not mentioned during the estimating process.

Lien Waiver Helitech will provide a lien waiver upon request by the customer, after receipt and processing of final payment. This document acknowledges that you (the property owner) have paid for the work that was acquired and that Helitech will not file a lien on your property to collect payment.

After going over a few definitions, we also want to make clear that Helitech is responsible for any workmanship that is not up to par with a reasonable amount of time. If you would like a few examples of how we have made right under certain conditions, feel free to contact our customer service manager.

Furthermore, Helitech upholds value for our customers. Many client testimonials have chosen us because of our warranty. Find out more in the next paragraph.

Limited Warranty

You may have a few questions about what exactly our warranty entails. Warranties are meant to protect the homeowner against any failures of our product or workmanship that have been caused after completion. In addition, it is important to understand what our warranty and the term “life of the structure” means.

Life of the structure means if for any reason you leave your home, the warranty is transferable to the new owner after the sale. Helitech will protect your asset, considering work that we have documented as complete, at no cost to you. However, please consider that this does not include cracks due to earthquakes, additional wall movement, or an act of God. Helitech is, however, responsible for any defect in workmanship or material that may have occurred during the initial installation.


We are happy to answer any additional customer service and warranty questions you may have. Please see the following list of who within Helitech to contact next:

  • New Customer: Please call us at 800-246-9721 as all questions will be directed to your assigned estimator.
  • Existing Customer with the upcoming appointment: Please contact your estimator. If you don’t know who that is yet or are having trouble contacting them, please call our office at 800-246-9721.
  • Previous Customer with the completed project: Please email us at helitechcustomerservice@helitechccl.com or text / call us at 314-391-8229 to be directed to our customer service department.

Warranty Transfer Instructions & What to Send

In order to transfer an existing Helitech Warranty to a new owner, please follow these instructions.

  1. Download and Print this Form and fill in the required information.
  2. The top section of the form requires the seller(s) / previous owner(s) information. This can be filled in by the seller(s) themselves or the realtor.
  3. The bottom section of the form requires the buyer(s) / new owner(s) information. The NEW owner must sign.
  4. Return both the transfer form and a copy of the portion of the closing documents that indicates the previous owner(s) and the new owner(s) name(s).
  5. SIGNATURES OF BOTH PARTIES MUST BE INCLUDED (previous and new owner’s) in the copy to verify closing.
  6. Return by:
  7. Both the transfer form and a copy of the portion of the closing documents that indicates the previous owner(s) and new owner(s) name(s) are required.
  8. These documents must be received WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS OF CLOSING in order for the warranty to be transferred free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helitech Corporate Office at 800-246-9721.

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Jason K.

Centralia, IL, USA

My basement was bad for leaking water. After getting all the small details out of the way, the crew showed up on time and called before they got here. I went down many times to take pictures the crew was happy to show me and explained what they were doing and how the system would work. And now my basement looks a lot better then it used to and it’s staying dry.

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