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Bowing Wall Repair

Leaning, bowing, & cracked walls Concrete basement or crawlspace walls become stressed when there is an inconsistent amount of pressure against them. The structural integrity of your foundation wall is at risk during times of both extreme drought and heavy rainfall. When extreme drought occurs, the soil surrounding and supporting your foundation dries and shrinks …

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Sinking Foundations

Underpinning, Piers, & Piles The most effective way to help reverse the signs of a sinking foundation is to utilize a process called “underpinning”, “piering”, or even “piling”. There are many piering methods available by foundation contractors, but the only true and effective solutions are those that transfer the weight of your home to more …

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Structural Crack Repair

Structural Crack Repair Foundation Repair isn’t always immediate because rarely do we have a house in danger of completely caving in or collapsing (although it has happened before – especially if the problem isn’t addressed as needed). Foundation Repair also shouldn’t be looked upon as a “handy-man-quick-fix” either. Sometimes, a simple epoxy injection is the …

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What is Mudjacking? Mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling or slabjacking, is a process used to lift a concrete slab and make it level. It is only used on slabs of concrete that are free-floating, or separate from your foundation. A mixture, typically made up of water and cement, is pumped underneath the concrete slab. …

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