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Home Office, Caseyville IL

Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair’s main office is located at 8251 Bunkum Rd, Caseyville, IL 62232. It services the greater St. Louis region, Metro St. Louis, and Southwestern Illinois. Additionally, Helitech has 3 satellite offices of Central Missouri, Northern, and Southern territories.

Main Office History

At Helitech, we pride ourselves on being founded on humble beginnings. Helitech’s main office is the once childhood home to owner and founder, Mr. William Courtney. Mr. Courtney grew up the son of a farmer on the grounds of the now-turned office.

Even though many changes have been made over the years, there are still many similarities on the grounds. What once was a living room for the Courtney family to gather is now a conference room for the Helitech family to meet. The kitchen area has been updated some, but overall remains the same. The once machine shed for tractors and combines still serves much of the same purpose now as a garage for Helitech’s trucks and equipment.

However, the most important thing that has remained through the years is hard work and sense of family each employee shares. Every other month, we put together a company newsletter with Q&A section for employees. The number one answer to “What is your favorite thing about working for Helitech” has been “the people”.

Meet the Home Office, Caseyville IL Service Team

The Helitech Main Office employs over a hundred people in Missouri and Illinois, including project estimators, customer service representatives, administrative staff, accounting, financing, marketing, technology, laborers, lead-men, foremen, managers, superintendents, and more.

Schedule your appointment with one of our St. Louis and Metro project estimators by calling us at 618-235-5595.

Shane Adkisson

Mudjacking Specialist

Jon Courtney

Senior Project Specialist

Kevin Estes

Project Specialist

John Howard

Project Estimator

Jay Manzey

Project Specialist

Jon Meyer

Senior Project Specialist

Randy Pantano

Senior Project Specialist

Keven Welch

Project Specialist

Jim Yamnitz

Project Specialist

Jason Courtney

Owner & President

Brett Campbell

RCD Vice President

Burk Watts

Business Development Manager

Erin Frazier

Financing Manager

Mike Moxey

Operations Manager