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Concrete Leveling in Springfield – Driveway Drainage Case Study

Location: Springfield, IL

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A homeowner contacted Helitech because of water in his basement. During the initial visit, it was apparent that the water was coming up over the top of the existing foundation. The homeowner showed the crew an area where water was coming in and water damage on interior framing.


The problem wasn’t necessarily the home’s foundation, but that the driveway was tilted towards the house and was badly cracked. In addition, the adjoining neighbors behind him were elevated higher, which directed all of their water towards the problem house.


Helitech removed the existing section of the driveway and replaced it with a new one sloping away from the house. Helitech also installed a grate alongside the house to catch water during a heavy storm. The crew removed a 16 inch section of the driveway along the side of the house and replaced it with new concrete that was curbed to send water down to the street faster.

The result was an effective solution that improved the flow of rain water and improved appearance of the property.


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