Garage Helical Pier Fix

Location: Oakville, MO

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Mr. Murray, the owner of a single-story frame house in Oakville, Missouri, had a garage where piers were installed twice prior to 2006 within 3 years of each other.



The first pier project had concrete piers installed to a depth of approximately 6 feet. The second pier project had a round steel “pipe” or “push” pier installed. These piers require, in part, the counterbalance weight of the structure to assist in the installation process.

Although the company that had installed the steel piers assured the customer that the piers would be installed to “bedrock” they were only installed to a depth of approximately 4 feet.


Helitech was hired to install galvanized Helical piers, which do not rely on counterbalance weight for installation.

The piers were installed to an average depth of 16-18 feet by placing the drivehead directly on top of the pier and driving the pier to competent load bearing strata.

Helitech completed the installation in 2 days, providing a sound foundation on which the garage could finally rest.

5 star(s)

The Prather Family

Wentzville, MO, USA

Kevin Estes was very professional and knowledgeable when he came to our home to provide us an estimate. He did not try to sell us anything we didn’t need and we truly appreciate that. We look forward to the work getting completed so we can enjoy a leak-free basement!

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