Backyard Flooding Breeds Frustration for Homeowner in Effingham IL

Location: Effingham, IL

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Backyard Drainage Solution Needed in Effingham

This customer was searching for an exterior drainage installation company in Effingham, IL that could solve their yard drainage problem. After heavy rains, a ditch in the rear of the house was not able to handle with the amount of runoff from adjoining neighboring yards and the adjacent field above.

Hydrostatic Pressure Creates Concrete Problems For Homeowner

As a result, the homeowner’s yard would continually flood, leaving the standing water and around the home’s foundation for days. The water adjacent to the garage foundation allowed water to come through the floor drain into the garage. Thus, causing the garage floor and concrete driveway to heave and crack due to the hydrostatic pressure.

Hydraway Yard Drainage Increases Flow Rate For Exterior Waterproofing Support

After the initial site visit, Helitech’s plan was to install Hydraway drainage tile in the affected area as a means to capture the standing water and to direct it away from the home. The homeowners had performed extensive research on several waterproofing companies that would install a pipe and rock type systems.

The homeowner, however, understood that Hydraway had a superior quality to other competing products and not a pipe and rock type system. Some of the value they saw by using Hydraway was resistant to clogging, better absorption rate and, a better flow rate to get the water away.

Backyard No Longer Floods For Effingham Homeowners with Hydraway Drainage System

After installing the Hydraway grid pattern in the yard, the homeowners have experienced many hard rains and have not experienced any standing water in their yard. The project was completed in two days with minimal disruption to the yard.
5 star(s)

Elaine R.

Rock Island, IL

Over the past two days, Foreman Chris Underwood and laborers C.J. Holman and Devan Kaulkner were at my condo repairing the basement wall and installing a drainage pipe. These Helitech employees were stellar in all areas. They were organized and went to work immediately. During the process we encountered a minor snafu which required their patience to resolve. They were patient and all possessed a “can do” attitude. Throughout the process, Chris Underwood explained the process as it went along. All the employees were cheerful, courteous and respectful of property and privacy while doing their work. In all ways, it was a pleasure to have them perform this work and I really cant imagine how they could have performed it better. Without a doubt, I am completely able to recommend the services of Helitech to others.

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