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Downspout Gutter Corrections

Gutter downspout drainage: Considerations for installation and preventing foundation failure

Water must be directed away from your house to prevent basement leaks and foundation cracks.

Splash blocks, a common means of drainage correction, may direct water several feet from your house, but that’s not enough to prevent water damage and foundation failure.

To fully protect your home from water damage and foundation problems, you need to install downspout extensions that direct any excess rainwater along a sloped path toward a low point away from your house. Usually, an experienced contractor will be able to evaluate your yard’s topography and devise a customized yard drainage plan for your home.

At Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we offer free consultations for this very reason. It gives you an opportunity to get an estimate for the necessary work. It gives us an opportunity to ascertain your home’s exterior waterproofing needs and work with you to develop a comprehensive waterproofing plan.

Water that pools for longer than 30 minutes points to drainage problems.

Learn how a simple downspout extension can help.

Important considerations for installing a downspout extension for your home

Extending your downspout without proper planning is asking for further drainage problems. You need to plan where the water is going to end up, how far from your home you need to extend your downspout and how you will maintain your drainage correction system, including frequent cleaning.

  • Properly planning the pitch of the downspout extensions
    Water flows down, not up. To ensure the drainage correction serves its intended purpose, the flexible downspout or PVC downspout extension must slope away from your home. As such, a downward sloping pipe will convey water away from your home. A “U” shaped or upward sloping pipe will force water back up into your downspout, preventing proper drainage.
  • Ensuring the downspout extension travels far enough from the house
    The soil immediately surrounding your house—usually within a radius of about 10 feet—is usually comprised of backfill that was packed in after the construction of your foundation. Water that drains into this extremely porous soil will flow almost directly into your foundation, weakening the concrete and flooding your basement. At Helitech, we know that all downspout drainage corrections must extend far beyond this area and drain into a safe, low point in your yard.

We’ll give you a free quote for your home’s gutter downspout drainage system.

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