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Helitech specializes in fixing major structural problems with professional foundation repair services. As a foundation contractor with over 30 years of experience, we have helped thousands of customers in our service areas of St. Louis, central Missouri, southern Illinois, central Illinois, western Kentucky, and the Quad Cities.

We fix foundation problems.

At some point, most homeowners will face a settling foundation, uneven floors, cracked and buckled walls, or other signs that point to foundation issues.

If there is expansive clay or poor soil density beneath and around your foundation, your concrete foundation walls can experience too much pressure, resulting in cracks, bowing, and settling. These problems—and others—can be compounded by faulty construction or improper maintenance.

When these problems arise, the value and safety of the structure are at risk. No matter the cause, the foundation specialists at Helitech can design a custom solution for all types of foundation damage.


Causes of Foundation Problems

When we find the cause of your foundation problems, that can help us find the right solution for you. Foundation problems are nearly always caused by one (or more) of the following:

Too Much Water

When the soil around the foundation of your walls swells (usually due to heavy rains), it exerts additional pressure on your walls called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure weakens your foundation’s structure.

Not Enough Water

If your area is experiencing a drought, the soil around your foundation will shrink and pull away from your foundation walls. As the soil moves, your foundation walls may not have the required support and will crack.

Surrounding Soil

Similar to the water issues, expansive and consolidating soils (like clay soil) can affect your home by expanding and constricting. Expansion can cause upheaval (your foundation going up), while constriction can cause settlement (your foundation sinking). 

Poor Drainage

If the area surrounding your home has poor drainage, it’s likely to affect your foundation.

Poor Preparation

If the contractor who built your home did not prepare the soil before building, you’ll likely experience settling. For example, not properly compacting fill soils can result in your foundation moving from its original position.

Poor Construction

If your home was built with substandard techniques, your foundation could experience shifts or cracking.

Exterior Inspection

Signs of Foundation Issues

Keep an eye out for these big and small signs that you might need

Foundation cracks are the most obvious sign of damage. Hairline cracks may not mean much, but you should call Helitech as soon as you notice any vertical, horizontal, or stair-step cracks on your foundation.

Wall cracks can happen, especially in older homes. But if you notice large or thick cracks in your drywall, plaster, or basement walls, that can mean the house is settling.

Bowing or leaning walls can mean that there is hydrostatic pressure outside your foundation pushing on the walls.

Foundation sinking or rising can be fairly obvious to spot. While every house does settle some over time, excessive foundation settlement can be detrimental to your home’s load-bearing capacity.

Sagging floors can point to issues with the structural stability of your floor joists or foundation due to water damage.

Cracks above window frames are an indicator of a settling foundation, as they are a vulnerable structural opening.

Sticking doors or windows can also mean your foundation is settling or rising.

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Foundation Repair Options

Once we determine the cause of your home’s foundation issues, we’ll be able to create a custom repair plan just for you.

Crack Injections

We can perform an epoxy injection to restore your foundation’s strength. It stops the crack from furthering while also protecting the steel within the structure.

For more serious cracks, we use carbon fiber technology to stop additional cracking and movement. Our carbon fiber crack repair system uses carbon fiber materials that are stronger than steel, making it a safe and reliable way to stop cracks in their tracks.

Learn about how we use crack injections to heal foundations.

Crack Injections

Wall Anchors

To fix bowing walls, we install wall anchors to stabilize and support the walls. Each of these highly effective foundation repair products add extra horizontal support to the walls of your foundation.

The Chance Helical Wall Anchor system utilizes helical screw anchors and a beam to correct bowing walls. We drill the wall anchor through your foundation into the soil outside; we drill deep enough to reach soil that does not expand or contract. The beam then draws the bowing wall back to its original location. These anchors, which require zero maintenance, are part of our life-of-the-structure warranty.

The Dura-Grip Wall system is another way to repair bowing walls, but it is an adjustable method that must be maintained. We place anchor plates in stable soil outside of your foundation and then we drive steel roads through your wall into the earth to reach the anchors. 

Find out more about wall anchors.

Wall Anchors 


While most houses will experience some minor settling, more than an inch of settlement is cause for concern. That’s why we have a variety of repair options for sinking foundations. Depending on your foundation type and surrounding soil, we’ll find the right solution that adds extra support and prevents your home from sinking further.

The Chance Helical Pier system uses strong, end-bearing plates called helixes that are welded to a strong central shaft. We screw the anchors into the soil to provide a large enough surface area to level and support the weight of your home.

Atlas Resistance Piers use hydraulic pressure from your home’s weight to push piers into the soil. We can choose the right resistance pier type for you, depending on your foundation, soil content, and load needs.

For homeowners with a concrete slab foundation, we use slab piers to transfer the settling slab to load-bearing brackets and anchors. This prevents your slab from sinking further or even cracking.

Rigorous, on-site load tests are conducted to assess the capacity of each pier, no matter which system we choose. This ensures the load is properly supported immediately after the pier is installed.

Piering Techniques

Support Columns

If your interior floors are sagging, we can stop the sinking by reinforcing your existing wood beams and floor joists with Helitech Support Columns.

If you’re experiencing excess moisture issues in your crawl space that are contributing to your sagging floors, we can take our repair services to the next level with crawl space encapsulation. 

Our crawl space repair services work in tandem with our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to reinforce your foundation and make it as strong and safe as possible.

Read more about our proprietary support columns.

Proprietary Support Columns

Sill Plate Replacement

Sometimes the concrete isn’t the issue. There are structural beams called sill plates that anchor your home to your foundation. These beams, which are typically made of wood, can be prone to rot and leaks, which in turn can cause foundation problems. 

We install temporary supports that allow us to access your existing sill plates. We then add a sill plate gasket to create an air-tight seam between your concrete foundation and your new sill plates.

Explore sill plate replacement.

Sill Plate Replacement

Foundation Repair Costs

How much you pay for foundation repair can vary greatly depending on your issues, the goals, and other factors.

Without performing an in-person foundation inspection, it can be impossible to guess how much your repair costs will be. For instance, the costs of small epoxy fills will naturally be less than a full piering project. However, we pride ourselves on only recommending exactly what our customers need and nothing more.

Unlike other foundation companies that may try to upsell repairs you don’t really need, we focus on your unique situation. Since 1987, we’ve worked with customers to find fair solutions that meet their needs.

Before you worry about your investment, just give us a call. Our foundation specialists can perform an inspection and offer you a free, no-obligation quote. 

We are happy to offer free financing on most foundation repair or waterproofing jobs.

The Leading Foundation Repair Contractor

We’re proud to help give property owners peace of mind. In our more than 30 years as foundation repair specialists, there isn’t an issue we haven’t seen, and we’d be happy to help you heal your home too.

In addition to fixing your foundation problems, our repair specialists will also educate you on foundation maintenance. Maintenance is a crucial preventative measure to maintain the health, well-being, integrity, and value of your home.

As a locally owned and operated company, we’re proud to utilize American-made waterproofing and repair products. In fact, the steel we use for foundation repair is made in Centralia, Missouri, and the waterproofing system is made in the greater St. Louis region.

We offer free, no-obligation inspections and cost estimates to homeowners who need foundation repair. Plus, we stand behind our products and our work: We offer free, life-of-the-structure, transferable warranties on most projects.

Helitech offers free estimates to homeowners on your foundation repairs.

Find out more about our pricing and available finance options for foundation repair.

Building Code Approved
The AB Chance Helical Anchoring System Helitech utilizes for foundation repair is building code approved. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, and designers utilize evaluation reports to prove a basis for using or approving CHANCE Type SS5, SS175, RS3500, RS2875, and SS175/RS350- Combo Helical Foundation Systems in projects.

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