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Foundation Experts

Helitech has been in the foundation repair business for over 30 years. We are local to the St. Louis area, with outlying offices to serve our customers in our extended service areas, including Central Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Central & Northern Illinois.

Sinking foundations, uneven floors, cracked and buckled walls are problems commonly faced annually by almost a quarter-million homeowners. Homes and other structures situated on unstable soils settle when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage. A shifting foundation will result in structural damage to your home and will diminish the value of your investment.

Soils contract and expand with the ever-changing weather patterns. When it rains or snow melts, the water is absorbed into the soil and that soil then expands, exerting an increased pressure against your home’s foundation. Many times this pressure can be too much for the concrete and the walls of your foundation become cracked and even worse, pushed in. In this case, we install wall anchors that add extra horizontal support to the walls of your foundation.

This inconsistent up and down in pressure and support can cause your house to settle. Every house does settle some overtime. However, when it gets to be in excess of 1 inch of settlement that is where we run into structural issues. In this case, we perform piering or underpinning to add extra vertical support and prevent your home from settling.

When foundation repair is needed, the value and safety of the structure are at risk. Maintenance is a crucial preventative measure to protect the health and well-being of your home. Excessive settlement can be detrimental to your home’s load-bearing capacity.

Cracks mean you could or do have a foundation problem. Especially when they appear around doors, windows and outside in the brickwork. Whether the issue is caused by expansive clay, poor soil density, improper maintenance or faulty construction, Helitech is here to help.

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Foundation Repair Heals your Home

After our certified installer inspects the condition of your home’s foundation, you will receive a customized foundation repair plan. Once the job begins, your home is prepared for the new foundation support system as CHANCE Helical or Atlas Resistance Piles are selected and spaced at proper intervals to support the load of your home. The piles are driven into the stable soil until the prescribed depth is reached. Brackets on top of each pile connect to the base of the foundation wall.

Rigorous, on-site load tests are conducted to assess the capacity of each pier. This ensures the load is properly supported immediately after the pier is installed. The weight of your home is transferred to the new foundation support system and adjusted using the hydraulic equipment.

Building Code Approved

The AB Chance Helical Anchoring System Helitech utilizes for foundation repair is building code approved. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, and designers utilize evaluation reports to proved a basis for using or approving CHANCE Type SS5, SS175, RS3500, RS2875, and SS175/RS350- Combo Helical Foundation Systems in projects.

  • ICC-ES ESR-2794

Foundation Experts

Helitech has been in the foundation repair business for nearly 30 years. We are local to the St. Louis area, with outlying offices to serve our customers in our extended service areas, including Columbia Missouri, Marion Illinois, and Lincoln, Illinois.

All foundation repair and waterproofing products we utilize are American made. The steel we use for Foundation Repair is made in Centralia, Missouri, and the waterproofing system is made just across the river in Illinois.

We offer free life of the structure, transferable warranties and free financing on most foundation repair or waterproofing jobs.

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