Basement Waterproofing

Techniques for interior and exterior basement waterproofing

Here’s why basement waterproofing is important: it prevents problems with your concrete foundation and it prevents problems with your wooden structural beams.

Ponding water can result in sagging floors and mold growth, both of which pose serious safety and health risks for your family. And if water saturates your concrete foundation, it can result in the need for crack repair or the water-logged concrete foundation walls could fail altogether.

To protect your home and your family, you will need to waterproof your foundation. This is no small task, as it requires a combination of both or either exterior basement waterproofing and waterproofing basement walls from the inside.

At Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we specialize in both exterior and interior waterproofing. Plus, we’re the exclusive partner of the Midwest’s leading basement waterproofing system, Hydraway, who trusts only the best waterproofing companies with installing their product.

Plus, we offer free consultations to homeowners just like you who are looking for a long-term basement waterproofing solution. This gives us a chance to devise a waterproofing plan that will alleviate your home’s water drainage problems. We even offer free estimates for the necessary work.

Give us a call. We’ll let you know exactly what our plan is, and how much it might cost.



Your home’s wet basement can lead to mold, sagging floors and failing basement walls.

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Waterproofing basement walls from inside

For interior basement waterproofing, we always recommend the Hydraway system, as it gives an escape route to any pooling water in your basement. Hydraway even has a system for relieving hydrostatic pressure against your concrete foundation walls.

Here’s how it works. Our Hydraway system is placed below your basement floor where the floor and the footing meet to catch the water before it ever enters. The water will then flow through the Hydraway 2000, which will drain the pooling water and transport it away from your foundation walls. The Hydraway 300 is designed as a bridge that is placed on the wall and under the floor to capture any water where the wall and floor meet. This relieves hydrostatic pressure and prevents foundation failure.

Once all excess water is captured, it is captured by the Hydraway 3000 below the floor and drained to the Helitech sump system which pumps the water outside, far away from your home’s foundation.

To learn more about Helitech’s waterproofing techniques, click here.

Exterior basement waterproofing

Effective waterproofing plans begin with preventing foundation leaks in the first place. This means installing yard drainage systems, so water doesn’t gather around your foundation walls. Not only does water weaken your concrete walls, but it can also cause a build-up of hydrostatic pressure—the pressure caused by water buildup behind a foundation wall—which can lead to cracks and basement flooding.

Another way to waterproof your basement is to install a Hydrashield, which is a wall paneling system used to seal off your basement from incoming moisture. It can help transform a damp basement into a dry and functional living space.

To read more about exterior basement waterproofing, click here.

Benefits of egress window wells for basement waterproofing

Egress windows allow for an easy way out of your home in case of emergency, but they also help eliminate the damp, “dungeon feeling” that so many basements have.

Fresh air comes through the egress windows and improves the house’s overall ventilation, and it brightens up the space as an added bonus.

We’ll give you, the homeowner, a free quote for your basement waterproofing system.

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