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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Helitech has healed many homes across the greater Illinois, Missouri, Quad Cities, and Western Kentucky regions. Our project specialties include waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete repair, general construction, and mudjacking. Take a look at some of our project outlines in the case histories below!

Darleen S.— 3.11.2019

Nashville, IL, USA


Happy with their work and happy that there is no water in the basement

Joe M.— 4.7.2017

Godfrey, IL


When I first found out I had a water problem in my basement, I was worried, to say the least. 100-year-old home with a leaky basement, not an easy fix. I called several different waterproofing companies. Helitech responded the fastest and when it was all said and done they gave me the most peace of mind and they made me feel secure that my old house would be fixed properly and permanently. Thanks, Helitech and to my salesmen Jon Courtney. Great job and service.

Maureen C.— 9.14.2017

St Charles, Missouri


Steve and the rest of the crew did an exceptional job dealing with the weather, completing the job on time and creating a minimal mess. On the two days, our job was scheduled, we received well over five inches of rain. They persevered through the worst downpours I’ve ever seen. Given the conditions, they did a great job protecting our yard. During the final walk-through, I was pleasantly surprised how much they had cleaned up. Given the type of job this was, I was expecting much worse. Overall we are very pleased with the work, our basement is dry. We would recommend Helitech!

Jackie M.— 9.26.2017

Springfield, IL


We were very pleased with the work done by Helitech. The three men were professional, polite, on-time, and kept their work site neat. We haven’t had to use our new waterproofing system yet as it hasn’t rained in weeks but look forward to having a dry basement guaranteed! Dan and Jackie M., Springfield IL

Ryan T.— 12.12.2017

Oakwood, IL


I wanted to make sure that it was known that the group of guys that worked on our house were very professional and very hard working. I had a few items to clean up in the basement when they arrived and the team was very accommodating while working around me instead of just packing up to head home. They rolled with the punches and made sure that the job was done right which I appreciated. They were a great group of guys and enjoyed having them here which is why I’ve recommended Helitech for at least 2 other jobs.

Danny T.— 1.9.2016

Litchfield, IL


I recently had Helitech waterproof my basement after years of battling water problems. I had many other contractors promise me they could fix my problem with no success. After meeting with Helitech I was once again optimistic that my problems could be solved. The Helitech representative explained the scope of work in detail and scheduled the work to be done. I was most impressed with the hard work and professionalism of the work crew. They did an excellent job and cleaned up after the work was completed. Helitech also has the BEST warranty in the business which gives me peace of mind every time it rains. Most of all my basement is DRY!!! Would I recommend Helitech…absolutely YES! Thank you Helitech for a wonderful job!

Diana N.— 4.23.2019

Princeton, IA, USA


My husband, David N., and I live in Princeton, Iowa. We are 20 miles north of Davenport, Iowa, and close to the Mississippi River. Mark Keleher, Project Estimator for Helitech, has been helping us figure out, then solve the problems that dealt with waterproofing our basement. We have used the services of Helitech 3 additional times, including a project beginning in a few weeks. Mark and Helitech have been a tremendous help to us the past 3 times.

We value the time and information Mark has shared with us in order to correct these waterproofing problems. Problems like these require a reputable company that takes pride in their work and in doing an excellent job.

We certainly think they have and will continue to do so.  We would recommend the work of Mark Keleher (Helitech) to anyone in the Quad City area dealing with waterproofing or foundation problems.

Janeen C.— 9.18.2017

Chaffee, MO


I appreciated all aspects of your company! Satisfied with the work 100%.

Dwayne W.— 9.14.2017

Mineral Point, MO


I heard good things about the company, plus the lifetime warranty on the work done is a very good seller for me. Your project estimator was friendly and would keep me informed on your time coming out, your project foreman (Dave) was very good and his workers also. They were very friendly and did a good job also. You have some good employees. I’m glad I used Helitech for this job.

Allison W.— 8.23.2017

Champaign, IL


We wanted to pass along how pleased we are with the work your men did on our basement on August 21 & 22, 2017. They did an excellent job. They were so nice and we were happy with them at all times. We cannot thank you enough for these 4 men and will certainly recommend your company to any of our family & friends who need work on their basements. We hope we do not need any other work, but if we do, we will call only you.

Kevin G.— 4.6.2016

O'Fallon, IL


I contacted Helitech to conduct an inspection of a home I was purchasing. The sales rep., Jon Courtney, was thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He truly seemed to have my best interest at heart and helped me feel confident that property I was purchasing would be free of headaches during the spring rains. I never once felt pressured into buying a product I didn’t need. I would highly recommend Helitech to anyone who is in need of their services!

Troy O.— 9.14.2017

Union City, TN


This note is to inform you that the Helitech crew that installed my waterproofing system just finished the job. The crew consisted of Ronnie, Mark, and Josh. These men did an excellent job of installing my system, conducting themselves in a professional manner. They were very accommodating towards our schedules, very aware of their cleanliness, and informative in answering all my questions. I was very pleased with the men’s work ethic and professionalism in representing your company.

Shawn T.— 9.22.2017

Eureka, IL


Team of Tyler, Devon and C.J. came out and did the work. Cleaned up after themselves and were very respectful of my home. Thank you. Job well done!

Pat A.— 3.11.2019

Freeburg, IL, USA


Chris H. and Dylan C. were awesome to work with.

Danny L.— 11.2.2017

Fenton, MO

I’m writing to extend my appreciation to all the folks that worked on my foundation. Everyone involved with this project deserves accolades for their work. I’m very happy with the result. I recently had a very bad experience with Pier Magic. They had to come out numerous times to fix mistakes and attempt to finish work that they failed to complete due to their incompetence. As you can imagine, this experience left me with little confidence. Helitech went above and beyond to repair the disaster that Pier Magic left.
Jon Meyer was a pleasure to work with. He provided a high level of customer service which made the whole process seamless. Scott was a major player in the success and quality of work. As a matter of fact, Scott was the foreman on a job that I had done in Spring 2016. He was familiar with my situation and worked very hard to complete the job in a timely manner. I would like to mention all members of the crew that made this project a success. All members played a key role in the quality and success of the project. In addition, everyone was very professional and courteous throughout the whole process. Please pass this note on as a thank you to the crew of Scott, John, Tim, Corey, and Bradley.

Paula T.— 6.9.2017

Fairview Heights, IL


I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate you getting us on the schedule a week early. I also wanted to let you know the crew that was sent out (Cameron C., Ryan G., & Leroy) did a phenomenal job. They were all very friendly and courteous. Not to mention very thorough in explaining the process and the final walk through. they all worked very hard and finished a day early. Nowadays it is hard to find hard working courteous employees. Please let everyone know at Helitech what a great job they did. they definitely deserve recognition. thank you.

Brad G.— 7.15.2017

Farmington, MO


This was a fantastic experience. Justin and Aaron were on time, completed the work requested, seeded the entire yard, watered the whole yard, cut down 2 trees and stacked the firewood, babysit my granddaughters while I took a nap and offered to fix supper for us. They were very professional, work was completed as promised and they went above and beyond. I will recommend your company to anyone who will listen. Thanks again!!!!

Chris M.— 4.30.2017

Lebanon, MO


Previous owners didn’t disclose water issues and put me through a nightmare situation. In the meantime, I was trying to sell another house so I was completely stressed. Helitech came in and solved my basement issue! I can say that after getting 6.5 inches of rain the last three days. Thank you Helitech!

John H.— 8.16.2017

Moline, IL


After MONTHS of vacuuming the basement whenever it rained more than a half inch (last summer was horrible!) and a crack developing along the cement block line, it has been a tremendous relief this year to not have a drop in the basement and the wall back in line. My crew did a great job in a short amount of time and the results, as I said, were outstanding. I now have complete peace of mind.

Darin K.— 3.11.2019

Kewanee, IL, USA


Chris and crew made me feel comfortable in choosing your company to fix our basement. Chris and guys were absolutely amazing. Very polite and took time to answer any questions.

Sean P.— 1.4.2018

Oakwood, IL


I wanted to make sure that it was known that the group of guys that worked on our house were very professional and very hard working. I had a few items to clean up in the basement when they arrived and the team was very accommodating while working around me instead of just packing up to head home. They rolled with the punches and made sure that the job was done right which I appreciated. They were a great group of guys and enjoyed having them here which is why I’ve recommended Helitech for at least 2 other jobs (1 of which you have already completed the work for.)

Dan B.— 8.22.2017


I am very happy with the work that was done they did a very nice and clean job picked up after themselves very easily nicely even though we’ve had a couple of 3 inch rain since then I have not had a drop of water in my basement so I thank you very much I think it was an excellent job.

Randy M.— 3.11.2019

Palmyra, IL, USA


Pleased with their work and attitude doing the task at hand.

Chris W.— 8.24.2017

Branson, MO


Haven’t had a drop of water in my basement since Helitech worked on it. It wasn’t uncommon to have an inch of water down there before.

Cynthia L.— 6.12.2017

Belleville, IL


Alex P, Mike S, Adonis J, Brad K & David G. All of these men did a super job. They were very professional and really worked hard. Their teamwork was exceptional and Alex made sure we were informed of the job’s progress all along the way.

Jeff L.— 6.24.2017

Edwardsville, IL


If you have water issues in your basement, there is no better company. Helitech is not cheap but before my work, my basement was turning into a swimming pool, now, not even a drop.

Tony F.— 7.24.2017

Ste. Genevieve, MO


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job your team did with our project.

We initially contracted with Woods Basement Systems to solve our issues. After a year and numerous attempts to get the job completed it was not! I reached out to them many times and finally figured out they didn’t want my business. So I emailed your company. Your sales rep assessed the project and we contracted the job on 6/11/17. The job was completed today, 7/24/17.

We were pleased with the sales rep, Chris Watson. He was professional and courteous. I texted him several times and he always responded in a timely manner. The leveling crew, Dean and Cory, were fantastic! They were friendly, informative, and both were professional. They worked diligently to complete the job. I will recommend your company to everyone based on this experience. The only regret I have is not contacting Helitech first! If I had the job would’ve been completed a year ago…lesson learned!

Shannon W.— 12.12.2017

Lake St Louis, MO


Aaron Bauer and crew did an awesome job. They were polite and courteous. We are thrilled with the work we had done.

Kathy B.— 9.17.2018

St. Peters, MO, USA


I forgot to mention what a great job Brad and his crew did! Before they started any work, Brad went over everything that they were going to do and how they were going to do it which I really appreciated because then I knew we were all on the same page. They put up plastic during the jackhammering and suggested I turn off the A/C (I did have all the registers closed) so there was minimum dust that got up to the main level. They completed all the jackhammering by the afternoon of the first day, Tuesday. Throughout all three days (I couldn’t believe they completed the job in 3 days!) they were very professional and I sensed they took pride in what they were doing. I was so pleased, too, that they seeded and laid straw down where they dug and placed the drainage line from the sump pump. If every crew is like Brad and his workers, Helitech should be very proud of their employees. I would highly recommend Helitech to any of my family and friends.

And thank YOU, John, for your first assessment of my situation back in May and for keeping in touch especially the week prior to the scheduled work and immediately following the completed job. Helitech gets an A+ in my book because of its knowledgeable and caring employees.

Esther S.— 9.28.2017


I had a wonderful experience working with Helitech. They did a very good waterproofing my basement and left the workplace cleaned up. So far everything is working fine we will get a real test in the rainy season.

Janice A.— 3.11.2019

Metamora, IL, USA


Charles C, Charles H, Joe M did a great job, polite, professional, and on task.

Roger B.— 6.23.2017

Eureka, IL


We would like to commend Chris, Sequonria & CJ for their fine work at our home this past week. They were pleasant and answered all our questions thoroughly. We were pleased with the speed and quality of their work.

Lynn H.— 4.11.2017

Perryville, MO


I had an awesome experience all the way from my wonderful salesman Randy who was very professional but explained everything on my level so I could understand it all to the installation and basement repair work. I would highly recommend Helitech for any of my friends needing basement repair work!

Steve T.— 1.4.2018

Chesterfield, MO


Good job by Alex P, Chris A and Dwayne H working on our house. Job well done.

Joanne M.— 9.15.2017

Wentzville, MO


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending Justin to our home to fix our leaky basement issues. Justin was EXTREMELY courteous, professional and definitely communicated efficiently the steps he was taking to help make our home “waterproof”. He also took a few minutes to suggest items outside our home that could help to further waterproof our home. Justin is an asset to Helitech and we appreciate his expertise and knowledge!!! Also, thank you for getting our jot completed ahead of schedule! it has been a pleasure to do business with Helitech and that is something we rarely say when it comes to contracting work for our home!

Shelia N.— 10.11.2017

Chesterfield, MO


Your Hydraway Waterproofing System was installed at our home October 2-6th. Your team kept us informed, willingly answered questions, and worked very hard! Observing the system being installed should give any homeowner respect for the amount of effort required for installation. The team of Alex P., Brad K., Chris A., Dylan D., Akil C., James C. and Deangelo F. displayed a great attitude and gave a positive face to a difficult job. Now we are looking forward to a rainstorm to enjoy our sump pumps!

Sharon S.— 6.17.2017

St. Louis, MO


Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job today! Aaron B, Kevin W, and Justin R worked hard and did a professional job!

Frankie C.— 9.18.2017

Cape Girardeau, MO


Best group of people, all nice and did beautiful work and it works.

Dana Z.— 4.14.2017

Mattoon, IL


One area of our basement was leaking following periods of excessive rain. This was approx. 5 years ago. We called upon Helietech to help resolve our issue. They were prompt & courteous and found the issue quickly and sealed the area of concern. Not one single issue since then. We were very pleased with the quality of work performed!

Chris B.— 7.28.2017

Osage Beach, MO


We HAD a water leak in the foundation where the original house connected to an addition. I contacted 3 companies to come out and tell me what the problem was and how to fix it. 2 of the companies wanted to put in sump pump systems at a cost of over $5000, and they would only guarantee the fix for 5 years I believe. Helitech recommended another much cheaper fix and a lifetime guarantee. A few weeks later a Helitech worker came out and within a few hours, our problem was solved!

Dave T.— 10.11.2014

Lincoln, IL


I heard good things about the company, plus the lifetime warranty on the work done is a very good seller for me. Your project estimator was friendly and would keep me informed on your time coming out, your project foreman was very good and his workers also. They were very friendly and did a good job also. You have some good employee workers. I’m glad I used Helitech for this job.

Candice R.— 9.14.2017

Peoria, Illinois


I wanted to send a note to let you know how much my family and I appreciate the work that your employees did at our home. In this historic flood, the river is currently touching our foundation and, while MANY in our neighborhood (and others we know) have flooded basements, ours remains completely dry. The pump you installed is running almost non-stop and the back-up in the secondary sump hole is kicking on periodically. Your knowledgeable workers did an excellent job installing the system I believe 3 years ago, which has well exceeded our expectations. The fact that they worked on the evening of New Year’s Eve to get the job done, is a testament to your company’s (and your employees’) personal commitment to your customer. My wife and I were just talking last night about how thankful we are for having invested in the Helitech Waterproofing System. Thanks again for the work that has protected our home from what could have been devastating water damage. Please feel free to use this letter as a customer testimonial as we’ve recommended your company to many of our family, friends, and coworkers.

Brian T.— 1.7.2016

Kirkwood, MO


17 years ago Helitech originally installed helical screw anchors on my wall that has a 30-foot horizontal crack. My wall recently moved very slightly so I called Helitech to come back out to inspect the wall. They lived up to their warranty by adjusting the anchors and adding carbon fiber material to my wall at no extra cost. I also decided to pay for epoxy injection for the crack in order to stop the leaks that occurred when it rained. The work was performed in December right before the recent storms that caused record flooding in St. Louis. I was amazed that my basement was completely dry for the first time since I have owned the home even with the massive amounts of rain. I was impressed with their warranty service and would definitely recommend epoxy injection for leaks.

James S.— 7.31.2017

Washington, MO


Would like to thank Dave C and Brad K for making the 3-hour trip out to Washington, MO. They were extremely professional and efficient. We appreciate all of their hard work. They explained the system that even if the black edging wasn’t perfect against the wall it would still catch any water that may come in. they cleaned up thoroughly. Yeah! 🙂 from the excellent sales representative to the finished product was a pleasant experience 🙂 Amazing a company that actually does what they say they will. thank you Helitech 🙂

Elaine R.— 9.15.2017

Rock Island, IL


Over the past two days, Foreman Chris Underwood and laborers C.J. Holman and Devan Kaulkner were at my condo repairing the basement wall and installing a drainage pipe. These Helitech employees were stellar in all areas. They were organized and went to work immediately. During the process we encountered a minor snafu which required their patience to resolve. They were patient and all possessed a “can do” attitude. Throughout the process, Chris Underwood explained the process as it went along. All the employees were cheerful, courteous and respectful of property and privacy while doing their work. In all ways, it was a pleasure to have them perform this work and I really cant imagine how they could have performed it better. Without a doubt, I am completely able to recommend the services of Helitech to others.

Patricia W.— 3.5.2018

New Athens, IL, USA


I wanted to send you a BIG thank you for an outstanding job completed at my home last week. Your team of Alex, Aeian, and Kendell did an amazing job. They were on time, extremely helpful and friendly, answered all of my questions I had and thoroughly explained what they were doing. When they completed the job they cleaned up their mess so well you couldn’t even tell they had just completed it! Their work was extremely tidy and professional looking. I really appreciate this team and all of their hard work. Thank you Helitech!

P.R.— 2.9.2017

Belleville, IL


Had Helitech come out to our home in Belleville and they were professional when explaining the issue and provided us with a solution. We moved forward with the project and glad we did…no more water in our basement!

Dora H.— 8.12.2017

Bloomington, IL


Today my husband and I get to enjoy our weekend instead of pumping water out of our basement!!!! It’s so nice knowing that the system you installed will allow us to sleep tonight rather than worry about a flooded basement!!!! Best investment in our home!!!!! Thank you!!!!

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