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Mrs. Lundgren contacted Helitech Waterproofing and Structural Repair concerning water in her basement. Mrs. Lundgren felt confident in Helitech’s 30 years of experience in the waterproofing industry to heal her home.


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Mrs. Lundgren’s main issue was the continuous need to pump out water after a rainstorm. Mrs. Lundgren also wanted to transform an area of her home from one that was unusable and ugly, to one that was sufficient for daily activity.

Upon performing a thorough inspection of the home, Helitech discovered the floor in the basement was only about a half to one inch thick (a standard basement floor is on average three inches thick).  Helitech noticed her basement walls had suffered damage from years of incoming water as well.

Guaranteed Waterproofing Solution for Wet Basements in Iowa

Helitech’s first step in the project was to remove concrete and dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement. This was done in order to install 128 feet of Hydraway 2000, a part of the Hydraway Drainage System. Helitech then installed a new sump-pump system connected to the Hydraway 2000. The Hydraway Drainage System is proven to relieve hydrostatic pressure along basement walls and offer a guaranteed waterproofing solution to wet basements.

Once the Hydraway 2000 was installed, Helitech re-poured the original concrete and built the existing floor to a standard four inch thickness. Helitech then installed 330 feet of the Hydrashield Wall Paneling System. Hydrashiled was installed to cover the existing basement walls and form a vapor barrier intended to keep moisture and mold out of the now usable living space.

This project was completed in three days and fulfilled Mrs. Lundgren’s wishes of having a usable basement for daily activity.

5 star(s)

Sean P.

Oakwood, IL

I wanted to make sure that it was known that the group of guys that worked on our house were very professional and very hard working. I had a few items to clean up in the basement when they arrived and the team was very accommodating while working around me instead of just packing up to head home. They rolled with the punches and made sure that the job was done right which I appreciated. They were a great group of guys and enjoyed having them here which is why I’ve recommended Helitech for at least 2 other jobs (1 of which you have already completed the work for.)

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