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Basement Remodeling Goes Awry in Belleville, IL

The home was built in the 1920’s. The residence is two stories with a wood frame construction. The basement foundation was constructed mostly of unformed concrete and brick, with the floor being dirt and gravel. Extensive remodeling had been ongoing in the upper levels of this residence throughout Mr. Knight’s tenure.

Crumbling Foundation Walls Lead to Water Leaks in Basement

Mr. Knight reached a point of his remodeling when he realized his crumbling foundation walls would require replacement, and the water leakage in his basement would need to be addressed before he could continue. Mr. Knight was referred to Helitech after receiving bids from 6 other foundation repair contractors. Helitech prepared an engineered solution to replace/repair portions of the basement walls and correct this problem in an appropriate manner.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions near St. Clair County

Helitech installed temporary structural supports to carry the load during construction, removed the existing foundation walls and footing, and designed/constructed a new concrete footing. Helitech then replaced the east and west walls with poured concrete and concrete masonry blocks and installed treated sill plates and termite barriers on top of the new foundation walls. Helitech lowered portions of the basement floor approximately 18 inches, thus allowing the basement to be fully functional as additional living space.

Helitech applied a Hydraway Ultrashield waterproof coating to the exterior foundation walls and installed a Hydraway waterproofing system around the interior foundation footing. Helitech then set the floor to grade with gravel and replaced the existing dirt floor with a poured concrete.

The project was completed within 9 business days, which was ahead of schedule and within budget constraints.


5 star(s)

Rufus B.

St. Louis, MO

I wanted to send huge thanks for the long and hard work that Aaron Bauer & Todd Wells (and too many others who were here less of the time) put in here at my home over the past 2 weeks. They went out of their way to work around my older home’s issues, pool area, and completed basement. they were great in communicating things to me, keeping me in the loop of their work, and overall doing a fantastic job. thanks so much for simply “doing the right thing” and getting it done correctly. thanks for all the discounts and cheaper prices with all the nuances of this particular job. Kevin Estes has been great in going above and beyond to help me get things ready for the work to be done and after. We have become good friends. Thanks to john also, for explaining in detail some of the logistics too. And thanks so much for your company representing JESUS to the world, our city, and to each customer. HIS kingdom advances one relationship at a time as you lead by example each day. I prayed over your workers each day and know that GOD will grow HIS relationship with each of them.

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