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Foundation Repair Problem Signs

Foundation Problem Signs

If you have foundation problems – your house isn’t keeping it a big secret.

There are many tell-tale signs of foundation issues ranging from simple cracking to complete separation. If you notice any of the below issues, call us today to make sure the problem isn’t more serious than expected.

Stair-step brick cracking

Ever notice cracks within your brickwork or blocked foundation that follow up in a stair-step pattern? Those shouldn’t be considered as added “character” or “exterior decorating”. Those also aren’t a quick tuck-pointing fix. Those can often be signs that your foundation is sinking.

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Doors and windows sticking

Whenever an opening is formed, it becomes the weakest point of the wall and is often the first place where foundation problems become visible. Cracks extending out from the corners of doors and windows, separation from framing or finish, and doors and windows that stick are things to keep a watchful eye out for. If your windows are closed and still letting air in, caulk won’t fix the breeze in the long run.

Interior Cracking

Anywhere you see cracks around the interior of your home should be a clue that you may have a foundation issue. Cracks within your drywall, ceilings, concrete walls, or concrete floors should be a hint to call in a foundation expert for an estimate. Another common sign within the interior of your home is buckling drywall tape and cracks along drywall seams.

Chimney separation

Chimneys are usually built on a shallow foundation that is not connected to that of your home, giving them a greater risk for settlement. If this is the case, chimneys can show signs of foundation failure before your home.

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